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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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people would ask me that we traveled,ntries what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. thank you so much for watching this hour of msnbc live. we appreciate you being with us all week long 11:00 eastern. we'll be back on monday. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," bitter roast. 24 hours after the angry debate the vitriol lingering at an annual catholic charity dinner. until now it was known for self-deprecating political humor. >> hillary is so corrupt. she got kicked off the watergate
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commission. [ booing ] >> that's okay. i don't know who they're angry at, hillary, you or i. here she is in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> punchlines. while better received hillary clinton got in a few sharp jabs of her own. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. you know, come to think of it, do you know what would be a good number for a woman? 45. >> back to the battlegrounds with 18 days to go the candidates and top surrogates
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are all sprinting to the finish. he's either so stupid that -- no, no, it's possible. it's possible he doesn't understand the damage he's doing. >> in all the hateful, hurtful rhetoric we have been hearing, we are losing hope. >> the donald's already whining that the vote will be rigged before it's even over. except of course he said, it's not rigged if i win. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. as the days count down, the candidates and the top surrogates are criss-crossing battleground states. vice president biden, tim kaine and mike pence joining nominees in a major political push. beginning with trump.
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we'll go to kristen welker with the clinton campaign and jay sob rascon ahead of donald trump's remarks. kristen, you're about to go to ohio. of course it's a tie game. the clinton campaign pushing hard, not the message we expect from her today in ohio. >> you are going to hear a strong get out the vote message from secretary clinton that every vote matters. early voting is under way in ohio. it started last wednesday. according to the clinton campaign it is outpacing the turnout we saw back in 2012. they are encouraged by that. does she need ohio to win? not necessarily. obviously it is a critical battleground state and the campaign wants to run up the score to blunt the talk about a rigged system by donald trump. you are seeing them also eye
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traditionally red states like arizona. the first lady was there yesterday. secretary clinton eyeing a possible visit for herself. the messaging will be important. not only will she be taking a swipe at donald trump for the latest talk about a rigged system. i also think you are going to see her increasingly pivot to a positive message. the campaign thinks of it as critical. to casting her as someone who will be unifying. if she wins on election day. you just learned moments ago she'll be meeting with black lives matter voters in cleveland. critical to energizing the base, african-americans and women voters. >> katy tur, the donald trump strategy? >> the strategy is basically to turn out as many of the base voters as he can. today we are seeing him in three different cities. more rural. one in north carolina. fletcher, north carolina. outside of ashville. johnstown, pennsylvania outside of pittsburgh. and also newtown, pennsylvania.
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what he's trying to do is counteract the vote coming out in the cities. we have heard him on the trail say repeatedly, especially in pennsylvania to watch these cities like philadelphia where he says there is cheating going on. these are heavily democratic cities. we remember back in 2012. there were no votes cast for mitt romney in some of philadelphia's precincts. what trump is trying to do is claim there is a nefarious action going on, some sort of voter fraud. there is absolutely no evidence pointing to that. so far the campaign strategy is turn out the base, excite the base and have a built-in excuse in case he doesn't win. >> jacob rascon is where the trump rally will happen later this hour. these are committed, loyal, donald trump voters. >> reporter: the mood in the room is interesting. in the last couple of weeks, because almost always throughout
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the primaries and early on in the general, donald trump was invincible. there was almost nothing he could do. he was always going to win. increasingly i'm talking to his supporters who say and come up to me and say, please tell this to trump. they want to give him advice. i spoke to a man and a woman who talked about how much they love trump when he talks about the issues but they acknowledge he has to reach out to undecided voters. what he's doing now isn't that. an increasing number of those who come early to places like north carolina are acknowledging that trump has to do differently if he wants to win. that's a hard thing for a lot of them to admit. they want me to pass advice along to trump. i tell them i can't. but his own supporters say he has to do differently. >> jacob rascon, katy tur and kristen welker, thanks. chuck todd is the msnbc
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political director, host of "meet the press" and "mtp daily." a busy week for you. of course in las vegas getting back and forth. >> yeah. >> one interesting fact -- and facts do matter -- is what we have from the nbc news survey monkey data now on how voters in different parties are reacting to the whole question of will you accept the results. here is what we got which really shows you the democrats are much more likely to accept the results perhaps because they think she's more likely to win, she's ahead, than are republicans. >> some of the voters and republican voters have been hearing about the elections are read. they have been conditioned to it. these are potential problems.
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some of the legislatures had political over tones including north carolina where federal judges said it was clearly done. >> racially motivated. >> racially motivated attempts to do this. the seeds of this were planted for some time. trump has taken it to a higher level with a bigger megaphone. it doesn't surprise me at all. how are they going to react on november 9? how are they going to react on november 20? how does the republican party put its party back together post trump if half of trump supporters think that the leaders of the republican party, elected secretaries of states and governors were in cahoots.
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>> we haven't seen this republican party being challenged. i had a counterintuitive response from a prominent democrat very close to hillary clinton. he was at the al smith dinner. i was there covering it as a press person. he was there as a guest. he thinks we are all being scammed or fooled. that donald trump after this is over is not going to be defiant. the bottom line is the bottom line. he is a brand more than someone with a highly capitalized business. he's losing business. 30% of bookings off his hotels. he'll look at the bottom line and realize he cannot be as negative and as against the grain as he's being. >> that's -- i have had these conversations with folks, too. everybody wants to read trump's mind and thinks trump has a larger strategy.
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one of the mistakes everybody needs to understand is trump never has a larger strategy. he enters the day not with a plan but he'll react. number two, it may be true that trump is a bottom line guy but the movement is still there. his people are still there. >> good point. >> this person of yours may be absolutely right. look at the virginia ad buy. the advertisement for his hotel, not about donald trump. it is about desperately reminding people there is a trump hotel in d.c. right now that apparently is struggling. part of it has to do with the presidential campaign. even if trump pulls away in order to get into the east coast club, whatever that means to him, his people are still there. somebody else will go and lead them on this. maybe it's steve bannon or somebody else. they're still there. they are still not going to
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belief the results. >> let's talk about what happened last night. i was there as a reporter observing. i have been to a lot of these as a reporter. you have seen john mccain and mitt romney and, you know, president obama. all of whom are in the final weeks of a competitive race and they are gracious to each other. this was so different. it so reflected the poisonous, toxic atmosphere of the campaign. here is one particular moment. >> hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy -- [ boos ] >> -- and a totally different policy in private. that's okay. i don't know who they're angry at, hillary, you or i. for example, here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> there was a lot of booing
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after that. we can't convey the level of booing. you know the drill. it's one of the roasts, self-deprecating. he was funny. there were funny lines. the first half of the speech, funny. the second half could have been a rough rally speech attacking hillary clinton. >> i didn't know you could lose the al smith dinner. i don't know another way to put it. >> it's a gimme. >> the lay-up of the campaign. it is an excellent opportunity to rehumanize yourself if you had a horrible debate or humanize yourself if it is close. mitt romney -- now, by the way, hillary clinton was biting in her remarks, too. this was not a soft roast. this was -- they were all under the guise of jokes. that was the mistake trump made. he could have made some of the same little barbs at her, but if you put it within a joke then it
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gets more accepted by the audience. his problem was he stopped telling a joke. he stopped framing it as a joke. >> one example of hillary clinton talking about mike bloomberg who endorsed her. >> it is great also to see mayor bloomberg here. [ applause ] it's a shame he's not speaking tonight. i'm curious to hear what a billionaire has to say. >> in other words, a real billionaire. >> yeah. >> she was much more biting in other sections. i think it would have been noticeable if not for what he did. >> the funniest joke trump told was at the expense of his wife which was weirdly uncomfortable. >> it was a funny joke. >> it was really funny. but the funniest joke he did, he had to throw his wife under the bus. >> just to explain, it's perilous to tell jokes -- >> it was about media bias. michelle obama gives a speech,
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the media raves. >> let's play it. >> i really have to say the media is even more biased this year than ever before. ever. you want the proof? michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- and people get on her case. and i don't get it. >> see, if he left it there. then he immediately went into how hillary clinton is corrupt. that's nod an audience -- catholic charities raise $6 million for children, al smith and his wife. >> by the way, i'm going to totally -- catholic charities is one of the more unbelievable
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organizations. i'm not catholic. this is not about a religious thing. it is an unbelievable -- what they have done, i can tell you this. from my grandfather was in the war. to this day catholic charities is something that's been passed down in the jewish households as one of the most important to support. that's how good they were to folks overseas what they do around the world is impressive. >> so here we are at this stage of the campaign. he had an opportunity at the debate and by all accounts went off the rails with the interruptions with the "nasty woman," "wrong, wrong." it's an alec baldwin script you barely have to have a screenwriter for. what are the opportunities now for donald trump to win the election? >> it's interesting what katy talked about, where he's traveling today. look at the travel schedule. how trump lands the plane over the next 18 days is incredibly important to the future -- his future, the future of the
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republican party and a lot of republicans down the ballot. if he spends the neck xt 18 day going to his base of strength in the battleground states, in the north carolinas and the pennsylvanias that's actually exactly what richard burr would want him to do. the senator running for election or pat toomey who is running for re-election. if he stays within the message parameters and doesn't make any unnecessary news that's something that maybe republican senate candidates can survive with. he can fire up the base while not alienating voters who are wobbling on him. the question is that's what a bob dole would be doing. does trump have it in him? i don't know. >> the counter point is what hillary clinton is about. they think they have won this.
9:17 am
there is almost no scenario where she would not win. >> they are looking for a bigger win. >> a bigger senate. >> look at barack obama yesterday. now campaigning against marco rubio. he's going to be doing now some senate campaigning. it goes back to the same point. they are looking for a bigger victory so that the rigging isn't something main stream republicans have to placate. the biggest fear here, like the birtherism thing that happened. when you have main stream republicans essentially coddling that voice? the party for too long but they felt if it's so wide, the victory, is the thinking on the clinton side it keeps the vote-rigging conversation buried. if it's, you know, relatively competitive, it may not be able to be put back into the bottle so easily. >> chuck todd, as always, a great pleasure. thank you. good to see you. be sure to tune in to "mtp
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daily" every day 5:00 eastern on msnbc and if it's "meet the press" it's sunday, moderated by chuck todd. three more before election day. we'll be watching. up next, joining me to talk about this unprecedented election and tensions were high at the al smith dinner. on the "today" show, cardinal dolan shared this private moment he had with the candidates. >> we were going in. i said could we pray together as we were waiting to be announced. after the little prayer, mr. trump turned to secretary clinton and said, you know, you are one tough and talented woman. he said, this has been a good experience, this whole campaign as tough as it's been. she said, donald, whatever happens we need to work together afterwards. i thought, this is the evening at its best. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
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now, al, you are right. a campaign can require a lot of wardrobe changes. blue jeans in the morning, suits for a fundraiser, sport coat for dinner. it's nice to finally relax and wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> senator obama talks about making history. he's made a bit of it already. i can't wish my opponent luck, but i do wish him well. >> donald trump saying he would >> seniored a visor to reagan, george h.w. bush and several candidates along the way. good to see you. >> thank you. >> what happened last night, just from the reading of it? i don't think you were there. just the reporting and what you
9:23 am
have seen. >> it's hard to take the one institution everybody knows is an opportunity for civility during the heat of the presidential race and mess it up. chuck todd had the line when he said it's hard to lose the al smith dinner, but mr. trump did, becoming partisan and bitter. >> is this an inside the elite new york establishment issue? or is this something that resonates with voters. >> every day there is a theme in the news that the networks cover. that's it today. he did something that was insulting and not appropriate and didn't show civility. he's wasting a news day. contrasting his position and mrs. clinton's on the issues. >> what should paul ryan and mitch mcconnell be doing? there is a lot of criticism they aren't taking a stand and saying to the republican nominee, we
9:24 am
don't have rigged elections in this country. there isn't going to be an issue. you need to say declaratively that you will concede if you lose. >> they did say that. i know paul ryan did and most of the leaders have. that's another distraction he created costing him valuable news time when he could be talking about trade, jobs, the economy or immigration. in the end unless it is a close election where states are in a recount, he'll concede. that's his nature to stir up trouble. it's the wrong time to do it. >> what's the impact on down ballot races and can the republican party, if it is -- if this can't be turned around. 18 days to go. can they save the senate? >> donald has time to talk about
9:25 am
the issues and contrast the issues. he did a good job in the first few minutes of the debate. he has to do it. he can make it a close race and he might win. if you look at the swing states where we have u.s. senate races, he's close in a lot of them. he's down badly in one or two. on average, our republican senators and senate candidates are running at least six, sometimes 10 or 12 points ahead of trump. yeah, we could still save the senate. it would help if he improved standing in those states. >> given his comments on vladimir putin for instance which have really upset and outraged a lot of former national security advisers and top republican officials. does he deserve to win? >> well, he deserves a win because he's the republican nominee. i always support the republican nominee. he's got a lot to learn on foreign policy and national security issues. that's obvious.
9:26 am
on the other hand, this reminds me of the debate from the 70s whether we'll try to get along with russia and have economic ties versus drifting into confrontation and war. he's taking a legitimate decision but doesn't articulate it well. he's got to stop praising mr. putin. >> it is strange to see the parties in complete role reversals as to whether to trust or engage the russians. >> exactly right. >> we have to leave it there. it is a pleasure. great to see you, charlie. >> thank you. coming up, the ohio secretary of state joins me to give us a reality check about donald trump's claims of a rigged election. he's also a republican. stay with us right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. e. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst.
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you raised questions about whether or not the election system could be rigged. we have a republican secretary of state who said it's virtually
9:30 am
impossible to rig an election. is this a dangerous message you're sending to people that the election might be rigged? >> yes. he's excellent, by the way. maybe in ohio it's fine, but in many places throughout the country they have problems. >> donald trump talking to a reporter in ohio about the critical battleground state. they are tied. hillary clinton is headed there as we speak. joining me now, the ohio secretary of state john houston whose office oversees elections in that state. thank you very much for being with us. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> well, what is the reality check? there are republican heads of state who oversee the elections and according to the studies i have seen academic and independent this is not a major issue. >> well, you know, usually i try to stay out of the presidential, the politics of the presidential ra race.
9:31 am
i have to say that's not the case. elections aren't rigged in ohio or other states. voter fraud is rare. there is no evidence it is systemic or widespread. people are prosecuted and sent to prison. that's a fifth degree felony. we have not had major problems with that in the state. i feel the obligation as a republican secretary of state to reassure the voters that our system is as secure as it could be. our election system is frankly as good as it's ever been. >> why do you think donald trump is saying this, talking about chicago, philadelphia and the suggestion is he's talking about largely african-american populations and suggesting to largely white audiences there will be some sort of voter fraud to steal the election.
9:32 am
>> well, for republicans and democrats to suggest voter fraud or voter suppression which are both irresponsible comments. that doesn't take place in america. typically we don't have a presidential candidate who ventures into this area. i have tried to make it clear this is not the case. thankfully he conceded he didn't think it was a problem in our state. i know the secretaries of state across the country. i don't feel any of them are worried about this. every state has a good solid system of elections. swing states where it is most important where people do a better job than most. >> a federal judge intervened and thought you're pulling back on early voting hours was affecting disproportionately
9:33 am
minorities. so over turned that. >> actually that's not the case. that case went all the way to the supreme court in our version of early voting was upheld in ohio. we have 28 days of early voting. no fault absentee. i send every voter in the state an absentee ballot request. you have a month to vote without leaving home. we have ample hours in ohio. i'm a big supporter of early voting. it makes election day run smoothly when you can spread out votes over a longer period of time. we have a solid system in ohio approved by the courts. >> i stand corrected if we are in error. >> i think what you might be suggesting or referring to is a recent ruling by the courts that said some voters were purged
9:34 am
from ohio's rolls and the court said it wasn't allowed. we have to do a good job keeping them up to date, making sure we don't have deceased voters. but those issues have been settled in ohio. it should be smooth sailing as we head into election day. >> finally, i know homeland security has been advising jurisdictions to watch out for any kind of hacking or interference because of the threat from russia, frankly. because they have been going after particularly targeting democrats. are you confident that your computer systems are well protected? >> well, we have worked with homeland security, the national guard, private and public security experts. we have asked them to test our system, to find vulnerabilities. this is not something we just started to work on. we have been working on this during my tenure of secretary of state. we feel confident we made it secure as it can be.
9:35 am
you can never eliminate the threat. we have minimized the potential. the important factor is that the voting machines aren't connected to the internet in any way. nothing actually related to casting or counting a vote is connected to the internet. so therefore there is not the risk of cyber security that some people might be concerned about. >> secretary of state john husted from ohio, thank you very much. >> thank you. right now 18 days to go and the candidates and their top surrogates are flooding the zone. donald trump's rally in north carolina about to start. hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio, later today. moments ago democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine leaving durham, north carolina, headed to state college, pennsylvania. we are tracking it right here on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us.
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well, chris, i am on record saying we need more money into the national social security fund. my social security payroll contribution will go up, as will donald's assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. >> such a nasty woman. >> trust fund by making sure we have sufficient resources. >> so the social security trust fund prompts the "nasty woman" comment. this comment from hillary clinton got a lot of attention not for her message on social security but for donald trump's interruption. where do the candidates stand on important money matters that impact us? joining me now, maya, first of
9:40 am
all, the fact-checking isn't talking about the debate. let's talk about social security and who would hurt or help the social security trust fund. >> i think a great start was there were questions about social security. we really saw the moderator trying to engage candidates on the issue. so far across the board there has been nobody who put forth a full-fledged plan that would address the solvency of social security and just for the facts, if we do nothing people will face across the board 21% cut down the road when the trust funds go insolvent. what hillary clinton talked about is she would put more money by lifting the payroll tax cap into social security. that's a good start. that's a piece of what you would do to fix social security. to be clear there are a lot of myths out there. one is that you can fix the program by lifting the tax cap. that's just not true. you can fix a portion of it. about two-thirds in the medium
9:41 am
term and over time it would be less and less. you need to see other changes to fix the program. she would also expand benefits. part of the money she would put into the trust funds she would spend on expanding benefits. we'd like to hear she'll focus on making sure it is solvent for future generations and people that will retire soon. >> trump accused her of wanting to double your taxes which she denies. >> he's definitely wrong on that. for about 80% of people the clinton tax people would reduce taxes. it would increase taxes on the very well off. a fraction of the top 1% would see their taxes go up. probably in the neighborhood of about 20%. certainly not doubling it. the policies that would most increase taxes are changing the way we tax capital gains and carried interest. so people would have a higher income tax rate they would be subject to for the very well
9:42 am
off. that claim we found to be false. >> what about hillary's claim that she wouldn't add a penny to the debt? >> that's interesting. there are two parts to that. we found hillary clinton's plans for the most part are paid for. she would, we find, add about $200 billion to the debt because there is little detail on some of the tax plans. it assumes she doesn't get rid of the sequester which she indicated she may want to do. >> she promised the v.a. when we were at the american legion that she would. >> she's indicated she would do that. that would add to the cost. she's said she would pay for it and hasn't said how. the other piece is whoever is the next president will preside over a period where if we don't make changes, we will add $9 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. while she didn't put those policies in place and isn't arguing for them if she were president those would be under her watch. whoever is going to be president, neither candidate put forward a plan to deal with
9:43 am
bringing that, additions to the debt down. they would preside over a large increase. she hasn't put a penny toward actually dealing with the unsustainable debt path we are on. >> finally, as donald trump is taking the stage and will be join i joining -- if he says things that are new and different we'll join that shortly. first of all, what about his claim that he can grow our way out by increasing -- an increase in the gdp, not that he framed it correctly, but grow the economy so we don't have the debt problem. >> there are a lot of claims from the trump campaign about solving the problems with economic growth. let me first say do we want to grow the economy? absolutely. we would like to as much as possible and find the policies to do it. >> the increase in gdp? >> exactly right. we have a demographic bulge where baby boomers are moving into retirement. it is projected the economy will
9:44 am
grow by 2% and all of the hand waving and promising of four, five, six percent won't happen and it is having a free lunch. even if you do grow the economy and his claims are too aggressive about what's plausible, it doesn't fix social security. social security benefits are indexed to economic growth. you need real policy changes. we need candidates to talk about hard choices, something we have not heard at all through this campaign is some of the hard choices that need to be put in place to deal with fiscal challenges. not a lot of those are in the discussion this election. that's unfortunate for setting up the kind of governing we need from the next president. >> thank you so much. donald trump now speaking in fletcher, north carolina. let's listen. >> your jobs will come back under a trump administration. your incomes will go up under a trump administration.
9:45 am
your taxes will go way, way down under a trump administration. your companies won't be leaving north carolina under a trump administration. there will be consequences for them. we will be strong and really strong and powerful nation. america has grown weak. so weak that the philippines have broken with decades of american foreign policy to leave for the orbit of china and russia. you saw that yesterday. the hatred. i mean, why the obama campaigning? he ought to be out working. he ought to be out -- [ cheers ] i'm going to send congress back
9:46 am
to washington with that message but we'll send the message on november 8. here you see the philippines, the heads of the philippines are so angry. he leaves for china. he's now negotiating with china. we have been to the philippines practically forever. a very important strategic ally and what happens? china and russia are probably going to take it. i see him out there campaigning for crooked hillary. come on. give me a break. [ booing ] strength will also require growth. right now our economy isn't growing at all. we had around 1% growth last quarter. gdp, a disaster. you know, when china has 1% it's
9:47 am
over. they don't have 1%. they have 7%. that's terrible. india has 8%. >> there's donald trump talking about china having 7% growth, india having 8% growth comparing it to his claim that he can grow the economy by an increase of 4% in gdp and take care of the deficit and debt. you heard from maya mcinnis saying that's just not possible. jonathan capehart joining me for the daily fax. washington post season writer and msnbc contributor and kara lee, white house reporter. welcome. >> thanks. >> kara, the trump claims about the economy, both sides, but his claims about the economy and how we can grow our way out of debt are even more exaggerated than the democratic claims this year. >> yeah. well, this is something that happens every election cycle.
9:48 am
we have seen a lot of things that donald trump has put forward. independent groups have said they wouldn't actually do precisely what they said they would do. that doesn't begin to get into whether or not donald trump or, for that matter, hillary clinton, whichever becomes president could do anything with the congress. this has been a frustration of president obama's. you can put forward a number of economic proposals, but if controversial won't give you anything and there's grid lock for this it's problematic. we are in an era of the slow growth. when you couple that with the fact that there is political dysfunction in washington it's difficult for the candidates to do anything they are promising to do. >> jonathan, wikileaks, stolen e-mails from john podesta, a daily dump. more today. yesterday there was a significant one with huma
9:49 am
writing about the king of moracco and a commitment they made for the clinton global initiative to have a summit meeting in moracco in return for a $12 million endowment to cgi and that hillary clinton as secretary of state had been personally involved in this, i believe it was while she was still after it was secretary. about to become a candidate. she was involved in the quid pro quo. >> we are not talking about this because of the trump campaign. things have come out due to wikileaks, the hacking of john podesta's e-mails that would demand hillary clinton be asked about them and that she respond to questions. because of donald trump's campaign from the debate, many things he said including calling
9:50 am
her "such a nasty woman" to his unwillingness to say he would honor the voice of the american people. honor the results of the election which is something that's not only tradition but is vital to the functioning of american democracy, that's a necessary conversation. in case she becomes president-elect by virtue of the vote of the american people and he doesn't do what every other vanquished opponent has done, that sends a message and a signal not only to the american people but to the world that the united states isn't stable. i should clarify. this is a 2015 e-mail. it was well after she left. three years or two years after she left the office of secretary
9:51 am
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donald trump is in fletcher, north carolina, giving a laundry list of what he's calling some of his greatest stump speech hits. back with me jonathan capehart, msnbc contributor and carol lee, "wall street journal" reporter. one of the debate moments which resonated a lot was the "nasty woman" interruption when hillary clinton was talking about the social security fund. we played it just a bit ago. what are you hearing? what do you think the impact is among the key swing voters, the women who have been a target audience? >> it's not something that plays well. we have seen donald trump consistently since after the first debate not really be reaching out to those voters.
9:55 am
there's been a number of ways in which he said things or has done things not necessarily designed to reach out to independent voter s or women voters. the other thing the clinton campaign did was turn it into a positive the way the trump supporters turned the deplorables comment into something they embraced. you see t-shirts saying they are huggable deplorables. now you see it with nasty woman. there are tote bags, t-shirts. >> on spotify, janet jackson's "nasty" has gone way up. >> one thing hillary clinton's opponents always over reach, in her attacks they always say
9:56 am
something or go something. rick lazio ran against her for senate in 2000, that makes her a sympathetic character. rick approaches her podium during the debate, made people uncomfortable by saying to her you're such a nasty woman. not just as an aside. he leaned into the mike to say it deliberately. >> and to interrupt her. >> he gives people the opportunity to look a her in a different light. >> jonathan capehart and carol lee thank you very much. more ahead. stay with us. so i asked about t. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady.
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10:00 am
beautiful bucks county, pennsylvania. just up the river from where we are where donald trump will be tonight down the river is where i grew up. pennsylvania key to both candidates. hillary clinton will be headed to nearby philadelphia tomorrow. we are looking at live pictures. donald trump revving up the crowd in north carolina. he urged them to take advantage of early voting now in the second day of the state. >> early voting is under way. make sure you send in the ballot. we cannot take a chance of blowing it. we cannot take a chance. >> we start with reporters on the campaign trail with the two candidates. i want to go first to jacob rascon. what are you seeing in the room? donald trump is speaking. what's his strategy in north carolina? this really important battleground, one of four the campaign is going after rea